Events & Webinars

For more information on the application process and to hear from successful applicants from previous Rounds, register for our webinars:

Event/Webinar Date Title Location
Webinar 29/01/2016 KIC InnoEnergy is looking to support innovative solutions in sustainable energy Online
Webinar 19/02/2016 KIC InnoEnergy's specialists are ready and waiting to hear about your innovations Online
Webinar 02/03/2017 Sustainable energy innovation: Help to turn a proven concept into product InnoEnergy, a European Online
Event 31/10/2017 Presentation of the Investment Round in Lyon Lyon/France
Event 07/12/2017 Presentation of the Investment Round Rennes (Brittany)

We hold events to support with the application process and help innovators link up with partners as part of the application process.