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Gulplug: Industrial energy efficiency

Empowering energy managers to take control of energy consumption

Flexible, safe and secure energy monitoring and management

The challenge

Reducing industrial and manufacturing power consumption

Manufacturing and industrial firms have worked hard to implement efficiencies across their operations: lean processes, smart supply chains, and just-in-time procurement have cut waste and streamlined production.

Energy efficiency has a key role to play in cutting costs and increasing competitiveness. Even during non-productive periods, when machines are not running, energy use can be as much as 50 to 70 per cent of total power consumption. gulplug’s solutions have been developed to make energy efficiency as easy as possible for energy managers at manufacturing and industrial plants of all sizes in all sectors.

The solution

Non-intrusive sensors, data, analysis and controls

Gulplug has developed a series of solutions to enable industrial and manufacturing plants to develop a Save it Yourself® approach to reducing energy consumption. The goal is to give local energy managers the information and the confidence they need to understand the results of energy consumption analysis, and to position them as the in-house experts for delivering real energy savings.

To this end, the gulplug solutions are designed to be easy to install and easy to use without lengthy training or consultation. They require no disruption to production and no installation expertise, and can be safely and securely applied to any machine or piece of equipment. Using gulplug’s solutions enables energy managers to choose which equipment to assess, create a bespoke energy monitoring system for their specific plant, and to reduce overall consumption – particularly during non-production periods.

Key features

Gulplug’s solutions for industrial energy efficiency include:

  • Wireless, lossless, and batteryless sensors that can be clamped to any machine or piece of equipment to measure electricity flow
  • Connected solutions that visualise consumption data and offer immediate insight into plant activity and potential energy reduction measures
  • Data analytics to boost efficiency and productivity of plants, to optimise production tools and to support operational teams
  • Automatic alerts about equipment performance and status to enable more effective and predictive maintenance schedules
  • Regular reports demonstrating effects of energy-efficiency measures and savings delivered


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The value

Repeatable, controllable cost reduction

The guplug solutions help industrial energy managers to monitor energy use and to reduce energy consumption by up to ten per cent. They require minimal capital expenditure and typically deliver a return on investment within one year. The solutions continue to deliver cost savings year on year, enabling energy managers to meet strategic corporate goals for reducing operational expenditure. The guplug solutions also support a company’s efforts to achieve ISO 50001 certification for energy efficiency.

gulplug’s energy sensors and connectivity solutions have been deployed by food processing company, Bonduelle, and the automotive manufacturer Line-Fenwick. Industrial giant, Schneider Electric, has also installed gulplug’s solutions in its Carros plant in France. Stop&Start has been deployed by food processing company, Bonduelle, and the automotive manufacturer Line-Fenwick. Industrial giant, Schneider Electric, has also installed Stop&Start in its Carros plant in France.

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