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MrCySeMol – A market-ready cyber security tool for protecting smart grids’ IT infrastructure

Thematic Field: Smart Electric Grid

The Market

Cyber security is critical to the successful adoption of smart power grids. The number of cyber attacks against critical infrastructure is rising fast and cyber criminals are using increasingly sophisticated techniques. Protecting the vast and complex information and control system infrastructure that forms the backbone of the smart grid requires extensive analysis, combined with expertise in several cyber security disciplines.

The Product

Harnessing the power of a computer assisted design (CAD), the MrCySeMoL project has developed the means of analysing cyber security that is based on an approach used extensively in engineering disciplines to virtually design and test systems. The result is securiCAD, a solution that provides holistic, predictive assessments of IT architecture to help grid operators understand, communicate and proactively manage their cyber risks. The project is now planning a market prototype that will be available off the shelves.

The Project

A group of researchers at Sweden’s KTH Royal Institute of Technology, began exploring ways of modelling software, system and enterprise architectures for complex IT environments. As they refined the methodology, a subgroup began to develop a research prototype that would turn the answer to a complex theoretical problem into a practical solution for the market.

Industrial organisations, including ABB – one of KTH’s strategic partners – saw the commercial value of the work and encouraged the research group to contact InnoEnergy. The group submitted a proposal, successfully completed a feasibility study, and demonstrated the market potential of their proposed solution. InnoEnergy agreed to support their research and the innovation project, MrCySeMoL, was established.

The project then hired a business strategy consultant, Joakim Nydrén, and formed a company, foreseeti, which also receives support from InnoEnergy’s Business Creation Services to drive business growth and development.

“KICInnoENergy is more than just an anonymous funding body. We have support regarding intellectual property rights, and we can engage with experts who can discuss the market potential of our projects – this is very important during project execution. They really focus on the final product and have a real interest in getting new solutions to market.”

“What makes InnoEnergy different from other funding and investment sources? For us, it has really been about the team here in Sweden. They're good. They know what they are doing. And they understand what we are doing and what we want to achieve. There’s always more to do to improve the product and develop the service. But the fact that we can sell now is due to the support we have had from InnoEnergy.”

Joakim Nydrén, foreseeti’s CEO