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securiCAD®: Proactive cyber-security management

Protecting critical infrastructure against cyber-attack

Empowers a proactive, business-focused approach to managing cyber-security

The challenge

Avoiding the cost and damage of sophisticated cyber-attacks

The number of cyber-attacks against critical infrastructure is rising fast. Attackers use increasingly sophisticated techniques to attack digitised infrastructure, costing utilities and energy companies millions of euros.

Understanding how best to protect these vast and complex networks requires extensive analysis, combined with expertise in several cyber-security disciplines. Foreseeti AB has developed securiCAD® to give utilities, energy companies and grid operators the ability to protect vital infrastructure in the on-going fight against hackers and cyber-criminals.

The solution

State-of-the-art CAD tool for proactive cyber-security management

securiCAD enables organisations to manage their cyber security in a proactive and businessminded way. Based on computer-aided design (CAD) techniques drawn from other engineering disciplines, it is a threat-modelling and risk-management tool that helps energy companies to understand and manage their cyber security risks.

Energy companies input their current or planned IT architecture into securiCAD either manually or by using the system’s automated import feature. securiCAD then simulates hacker attacks on the architecture, produces a heat map of its strengths and vulnerabilities, and provides actionable decision support on how best to improve its security.

Using securiCAD enables businesses to proactively manage their security architectures and prioritise areas for improvement.

Key features

securiCAD is a state-of-the-art tool for proactive cyber-security management that features:

  • A holistic assessment of IT architectures to ensure current and future cyber security
  • An automated approach that offers objective, reliable, and quantified results
  • A report system that delivers actionable business decision support
  • An ability to provide actionable outputs even when data is incomplete

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The value

Protecting infrastructure, preventing losses and managing reputation

securiCAD has been designed to put first-class security expertise and analysis in the hands of energy companies and others, enabling their existing IT teams to manage their cyber-security capabilities.

securiCAD gives large organisations, including utilities, energy suppliers and grid operators, insight into the security levels of their complex and inter-organisational IT architecture. It enables them to identify and address areas of potential weakness to prevent a cyber-attack, prioritise security investment, maintain operations, and prevent financial and reputational loss.

securiCAD is already being used by industrial multi-national, ABB; Swedish electricity distribution company, Ellevio; German municipal utilities; and several Nordic banks.

Leading security consultancies, including Sogeti, Combitech and Apsec, also include securiCAD in their portfolio of products and services.

Download the product leaflet here.