Success stories

Flowbox – Cost-effective storage for renewable integration and infrastructure deferral

“We looked at numerous sources, and we felt the program from the InnoEnergy was the best for us. InnoEnergy offered us a funding framework that could adapt to the life of the project, so we have been able to bring on new partners and change the project structure. Other agencies don’t make these kind of adjustments possible. InnoEnergy really understands the challenges of building a project not just how to finance a project. They are very business focused and very focused on delivering real-world solutions.”

Guillaume Chazalet

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MrCySeMol – Cyber security tool for protecting smart grids’ IT infrastructure

“What makes InnoEnergy different from other funding and investment sources? For us, it has really been about the team here in Sweden. They're good. They know what they are doing. And they understand what we are doing and what we want to achieve. There’s always more to do to improve the product and develop the service. But the fact that we can sell now is due to the support we have had from InnoEnergy.”

Joakim Nydrén, foreseeti’s CEO

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KICActive Substations

“Being a commercialising partner of the KIC Active Substations project has enabled us to grow our business, explore new possibilities, and even hire new people.When we add InnoEnergy’s commercial contacts to our existing customers we have a very strong foundation from which to expand our business.”

Rik Verheyen

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Principle Power

“InnoEnergy really is the perfect match for us. We had already demonstrated that the technology works and were at the stage of turning it into a commercial concept. In InnoEnergy, we gained a partner who would collaborate with us and support both the company and the technology as we transitioned into a truly market-focused business.”

João Metelo, President and CEO of Principle Power

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