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SolabCool: Thermo-chemical heat pumps

Recycling heat to create energy-efficient cooling Compact, cost-effective alternative to traditional air conditioning.

The challenge

Cooling buildings without warming the planet

The business model for district heating networks and combined heat and power (CHP) plants is clear in the winter. In the summer, residual heat is wasted and both energy costs and CO2 emissions rise as building occupiers turn to air conditioning for cooling and comfort.

SolabCool has developed a system that transforms heat into cooling. It enables heat producers and energy companies to enter a market for building cooling that is predicted to grow by five to 10 per cent a year by offering their end-users a cheaper alternative to traditional air conditioning.

The solution

New market opportunity for district heating, CHP and solar power

SolabCool is a compact cooling system, based on the principal of sorption cooling. Using nontoxic materials to chill buildings, it is powered by the excess heat from district heating networks, solar power generation or CHP systems that would otherwise be lost – particularly in summer.

SolabCool is available in two separate models:

  • SolabCascade for commercial premises is a modular and scalable system, based on units offering maximum power of 5Kw
  • SolabChiller for residential buildings is a unit that has been optimised for domestic use and offers maximum power of 5Kw

By powering cooling systems with ready-produced heat, SolabCool requires no further electricity generation, significantly reducing building overheads and carbon emissions.


The features

SolabCool features the following benefits:


  • Easy connection to heat sources at CHP, district heating and solar plants to reduce installation time
  • Plug and play connection to end-users’ heat distribution and cooling systems to ensure wide applicability
  • Use of non-toxic and highly available materials in the sorption cooling process to keep costs low
  • Compact, unobtrusive units that give end-users choice over internal or external locations for installation
  • Low power consumption, low maintenance and long lifecycle to minimise end-user intervention
  • Adjustable temperature controls enabling end-users to cool individual rooms or floors according to their needs
The value

A new source of revenue from solar or waste energy

SolabCool offers energy suppliers, district heating providers, and managers of solar generation and CHP plants a new product line and potential revenue stream with minimal investment in equipment and infrastructure.

Designed to be attractive to householders and other building owners, it offers them clearly identifiable cost savings, and is flexible enough to be installed in a wide variety of circumstances. SolabCool therefore opens up the broadest possible new market for energy companies and heat providers

SolabCool systems have already been deployed by three heating projects in the Netherlands, as well as solar heating projects at the University de Catalynya in Spain, Ecobel


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